Top Ten Kpop Idols Who Are Introverts- Shy Kpop Idols List

If you are an introvert then you will love to check out these introverted kpop idols. In this post, we will show you the top ten K-pop idols who are actually introverts just like you.

An introvert is a person who prefers to stay quiet and avoid people. They feel shy and uncomfortable in front of people but they are happy when they are alone. In short, an introvert is a person who does not like to talk very much and keeps their thoughts often to themselves.

Top Ten Introverted Kpop Idols

We know that in the kpop music industry, all the artists are very confident and talented but still, there are few idols who are extremely talented but they are actually introverts. So, if you want to know which K-pop idols are introverts then stick to this post to find out.

10. Irene

Irene is a member of the Red velvet group and she is a very shy member and she does not like to talk much. If you watch her any interview you will realize how quiet and shy she is.

9. D.O

D.O aka Doh Kyung-soo is the vocalist of the boy band EXO. He is an extremely shy and introverted person. In an interview, he said himself that he does not like the crowd and does not like to talk. And he also admitted that he is a silent member of his group.

8. Naeun

Naeun is a member of a girl group called APINK. She is a very cold and shy member of APINK. Naeun‘s fellow member, Chorong, once said that Naeun appears unapproachable at first sight, but she is very nice to have deep conversations with.

7. Taeyeon

Taeyeon is an introverted member of a popular girl group Girls Generation. All the members of girls generation are very funny and talkative expect Taeyeon. She was very shy and quiet during her training days. She is still shy and does not talk that much to anyone and she is very private.

6. Jungkook

Jungkook a talented maknae of boy group BTS. He is a multitalented member of the BTS group. And no one believes that he is actually a shy and introverted person.

If you watch any show or interview of BTS, you will realize that Jungkook is pretty silent and shy during the whole interview or show. And you know what this quality of Jungkook makes him more charming and an attractive member of BTS and his fans love this quality of Jungkook.

5. Krystal

Krystal is a cold member of a girl group known as F(X) (currently disbanded). During her training days, she was afraid of cameras and stage. A member of her group Victoria also revealed that she used to kept her hair down and barely talked to others.

4. Leo

Leo is so reserved and shy member of VIXX. During the fan meetings, he always hides his face and he barely makes any eye contact with others.

3. Mark

Mark is an American rapper, songwriter, and a member of a group called GOT7. His fans believe that he is an extrovert but that’s not true, he is a very introverted person. In an interview, the members of got7 said that Mark is a quiet person and he does not even like to talk to his members and likes to stay silent.

2. Mina

Mina is often called Ice Princess of Twice. She is very cold and she barely smiles. Mina‘s fans all admit that mina is an introvert, based on how shy and quiet she is.

1. Taemin

Taemin is an incredibly popular singer, songwriter, and dancer in the kpop music industry. He was a member of a group called Shinee (Disbanded). He is also a very shy and introverted idol in KPOP.

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Final Words:

So these are the top ten idols in kpop that are considered very shy and introverts. It does not matter if they are introverts because we still adore them.

So, this post is just for entertainment purposes and I hope you like it. Please share this post with your friends and if you want to check out more pop stuff then please visit here.

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