Top 10 Prettiest Kpop Female idols 2020

There are hundreds of beautiful kpop female idols out there and everyone has different styles and uniqueness. Here in this post, I will share Top 10 Prettiest Kpop Female idols that will leave you completely breathless.

Top 10 Prettiest Kpop Female idols

10. Seolhyun

Seolhyun aka Kim-Seo-Hyun is a member of K-pop girl group AOA. She is 25 years old female idol and she is considered as the beautiful K-pop female idol.

9. Kyulkyung

Kyulkyung is a member of kpop girl group Pristin. Her real name is Zhou jieqiong and she is 20 years old. She is a very beautiful K-pop female idol.

8. Somi

Somi aka Ennik Somi Douma is the kpop female idol. She was a member of the most popular kpop girl group I.O.I. Currently, She is a soloist singer and actor. Due to her charms, she is always praised by her fans.

7. Hyeri

Hyeri the short-haired girl from hitmaker kpop girl group Girl`s Day is the most charming girl ever seen in k-pop history. She was the lead singer in the Girls Day (Currently Disbanded). Her real name is Lee-Hyeri-ri and she is 25 years old.

6. Sana

Sana is a Japanese girl and she is a member of the most popular girl group Twice. She is very popular in both countries japan as well as South Korea. She is the cutest K-pop female idol. Her real name is Minatozaki Sana and she is 22 years old. She is a lead singer and dancer in Twice.

5. Yoona

Yoona is the most renowned girl in South Korea. She is a member of the first-ever worldwide popular k-pop girl group Girls Generation. She is the most beautiful and visual member of Girls Generation. Her real name is Im Yoona Ah and her age is 30 years old.

4. Jisoo

Jisso aka Kim – Jisso is the most beautiful Korean girl which is not only popular in east Asia but also very popular in western countries. She has a very Korean face and that`s the reason she is admired by many Korean netizens. She is the visual member of the most successful kpop girl group BlackPink and she is 24 years old.

3. Nancy

Nancy is the youngest K-pop female idol and she is a member of girl group Momoland. She has a very beautiful and perfect face. She has the thickest and beautiful body which is very rare in the Korean girl groups. She is just 18 years old but still, she is a very talented singer and dancer.

2. Irene

Irene the most charming and most admired girl in kpop music industry. She is very beautiful and pretty lady and she is a member of a very popular K-pop girl group Red Velvet. She has some Korean and western look on her face which makes her more unique. She is my favorite female kpop idol. Her real name is Bae Joo-Hyun and she is 28 years old. She is the visual and leader of the girl group Red Velvet.

1. Tzuyu

World wide popular Korean girl Tzuyu is the most charming and beautiful girl ever seen in history. She is also considered as the beautiful girl of this generation. She is 20 years old and she is the most active member of the top-charting girl group Twice. She is the visual member of her group. She is from Taiwan and her real name is Chou-Tzu-Yu

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