Izone Visual Ranking Based On Korean Beauty Standards

Izone is a popular South Korean girl group that was formed by MNET in a reality show called produce 48. This group has also Japanese members. Izone is an extremely popular girl group in South Korea as well as in Japan. This group debuted on 29 October 2018.

All the members of izone are really beautiful and talented. Today, in this post, you will find out which member of the izone really fits the Korean beauty standard.

So, I have collected the data from different Korean forums and made the below list of izone visual ranking based on Korean beauty standards.

Note:- Please do not take this post seriously because this ranking is completely based on Korean standards and I am just sharing this for entertainment purposes.

Izone Visual Ranking Based On Korean Beauty Standards

Izone is a girl group that is selected and trained by Koreans and that is why all the members of this group have a great visual that really fits Korean standards.

But still, in this below list you will find out which member of this group is more beautiful according to Koreans.

12. Chaeyeon

11. Hitomi

10. Yuri

9. Chaewon

8. Yujin

7. Eunbi

6. Yena

5. Wonyoung

4. Nako

3. Sakura

2. Hyewon

1. Minju

Final Words:-

Minju is the only member of izone that fits completely with Korean beauty standards and that is why she is always admired by Koreans. Well, I also think that minju is a really different, unique, and incredibly beautiful member of izone.

I hope you liked the above list of izone visual ranking and if you want to check out more kpop stuff then please visit this page. And do share this post with your friends.

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