Visual Ranking Of Momoland A/C To Korean Beauty Standards

Momoland is a popular girl group in kpop industry. This girl group is formed by MLD entertainment. This group has nine beautiful members which are Nancy, Yeon woo, Jooe, lee Hye-bin, Ahin, Daisy, Nayhun, Jane.

But in 2019, Yeon woo, Taeha, daisy left the group due to their personal reasons and I will not explain why did the leave the group because its a long topic. If you want to know about it then check out this article.

Now let’s talk about their visual rankings. As we know that every member of Momoland has its own charm and this group is full of beauties. But still, here is the ranking of each member in terms of Korean beauty standards.

Visual Ranking Of Momoland A/C To Korean Beauty Standards

First of all, let’s take a look at a group photo of Momoland. Aren’t they all perfect?


So now let me organize them according to Korean beauty standards.

1.  Yeonwoo (Ex-Member)

2.  Nancy

3.  Jane

4.  Daisy (Ex-Member)

5.  Nayun

6.  Taeha

7.  Ahin

8.  Hyebin

9.  Joee

Final Words

So that`s all about the ranking of Momoland members. Beauty is subjective and maybe you are not satisfied with this list but believe me, this list is based on Korean beauty standards. If you liked this post then please consider it to share with friends.

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