The Visual Ranking Of Gfriend

Gfriends is the most successful South Korean girl group which was formed by Source music entertainment company in 2015. Gfriends have six members which are Sinb, umji, sowon, eunha, yerin, and yuju.

They debuted on 15 January 2015. This group had new concepts and that is why they became instantly popular and they also won a new rookie female artist award in 2015.

Beside this, this group also has some unique visuals which is also the main reason behind the popularity of this group. So, in this post, I will tell you about the visual ranking of Gfriend members according to Korean beauty standards.

The Visual Ranking Of Gfriend

1. Sowon

2. Eunha

3. Sinb

4. Umji

5. Yerin

6. Yuju

Final Words:

So, there is no official visual in gfriend because their agency still has not announced who is the official visual member of gfriend but their fans considered sowon as the visual member because she fits perfectly in Korean beauty standards. And this ranking is also based on Korean beauty standards.

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