Top 30 Best And Talented Maknae In Kpop Groups | List

Maknae is a common term which is used in kpop groups for younger members. In every K-pop boy or girl group, the older members called younger members as maknae. Maknae is the term that shows the love of elders towards the youngers.

Every kpop group has talented makane and there is no doubt that all the makanes are cute AF. Maknae is usually seen as the most childish member of the group and the one who receives a lot of love from the hyungs or unnies.

In other words, these talented, adorable, and cute maknaes are the pride of each group. So, today in this post we will find out which maknae is the most popular in kpop industry.

Top 30 Best And Talented Maknae In Kpop Groups

30 – Wonyoung  (Izone)

29 – Yeri  (RedVelvet)

28 – Seongmin  (Cravity)

27 – Win  (MCND)

26 – Chani  (SF9)

25 – Ren (Nuest)

24 – Chan (Ace)

23 – Jongho  (Ateez)

22 – Xion (Oneus)

21 – Yiren (Everglow)

20 – I.N (Stray Kids)

19 – Chanmi (AOA)

18 – Tzuyu (Twice)

17 – Shuhua (G idle)

16 – Huening Kai (TXT)

15 – Yugyeom (Got 7)

14 – Sungjae (BTOB)

13 – Jisung (NCT)

12 – Hwasa (Mamamoo)

11 – I.M (Monsta X)

10 – Wooseok (Pentagon)

9 – Eunbin (CLC)

8 – Yoon (Winner)

7 – Sehun (EXO)

6 – Dino (Seventeen)

5 – Lisa (Blackpink)

4 – Chanwoo (Ikon)

3 – Taemin (Shinee )

2 – Sanha (Astro)

1 – Jungkook (BTS)

Final Words

According to the list published on kingchoice, BTS jungkook is most popular maknae in kpop music industry. He is not only popular because of his look but also being the multi-talented maknae in kpop. He is also called golden maknae by his fans.

So I hope you like this post and if you want to check out more stuff that is related to BTS or kpop then please visit this page. Please share this post!

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