The Thinnest kpop idols | Complete List

Wondering who are the thinnest kpop idols then takes a look here. Below is the list of all males as well as females idols who are too skinny.

The Thinnest kpop idols

Sooyoung— SNSD

Sowon — Gfriend

Yujin — CLC

Lisa — Blackpink

Wendy — RedVelvet

Chaereyong— ITZY

Rosé — Blackpink

Seulgi — RedVelvet

Chungha — soloist

Male idols

Baekhyun— EXO

Taeyong— NCT/SuperM

Chen — EXO

Xiumin — EXO

Jimin — BTS

The8 — Seventeen

Beomgyu — TXT

So, these are the skinny kpop idols. Despite being skinny, they are beautiful and talented and for more kpop stuff please visit here.


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