How Do I Stop Someone From Tagging Me On Facebook

Timeline tagging feature on Facebook is very useful but sometimes it gets annoying too because sometimes when our friends tagged us in any appropriate images or videos and then those images or videos also begin to show on our timeline.

When someone tagged us on Facebook in any appropriate image or video and then the video or images in which you are tagged becomes also visible to your all friends and then they started thinking bad for you only because you are tagged in those photos or videos but thankfully, now we can easily stop timeline tagging on Facebook.

So, friends if you want to get rid of timeline tagging on facebook just follow the steps mentioned below

Step-1 First of all, Open your browser and log in to your facebook account


Step-2  After successfully logged in your Facebook account, head to settings and privacy

Step-4  In settings and privacy you will find an option of timeline and tagging just click on it

facebook Timeline tagging

Step-5  And then you will see following option just click on it [see Below image]

Step-6  After this, Facebook will ask you to enable or disable this feature from your facebook account you just have to enable it that`s all.

Step-7  Now head to your timeline where you will see another option of pending, In this pending section you will be able to add or remove images from your timeline in which you are tagged

After this, whenever your friends trying to tag you in any status, Images or videos you will be asked to show those images or videos on your timeline

And then it will be in your hands, if you want to show those images or videos on your timeline in which you are tagged just click on ADD TO  TIMELINE Option in pending section and if you don`t want to show such images on your timeline then hit Hide option

Hope you guys liked our post, if you face any difficulty then freely ask us through comments

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