Kpop Female Idols With Stunning Lob Haircuts

Lob haircuts are really popular among modern women and it is a new trend in women`s fashion.

In kpop music industry, many female idols have the lob hairstyle but it suits well only on few female idols. As we know that lob haircut is easy to manage and looks well for every face shape.

So, if you want to know which K-pop female idol looks more elegant in this lob haircut then you would love to check the below lists.

Kpop Female Idols With Stunning Lob Haircuts

#1. Momo

Momo is a member of the group twice and she is really obsessed with lob haircuts and why not she looks so cute in lob haircuts.

#2. Somi

Somi is always seen with her long hairstyle but recently she had the lob haircut and she amazed everyone with her looks. She looks too beautiful with this haircut.


#3. Jihyo

The leader of twice group jihyo looks really awesome in lob haircut. This hairstyle really suits her.

#4. Eunha

How can we forget eunha? she is the only kpop female that looks too cute in short hairstyles. And this lob haircut is completely perfect for her face.

#5. Mina

Mina is a member of the girl group twice and she is the definition of pure beauty. She always looks elegant with every haircut but this lob haircut is making her more charming.

#6. Nancy

Nancy is a member of the group Momoland. She is really beautiful and she looks way hotter in this lob haircut. Some fans say that she does not look good in this because her face is a little bit chubby but still I think she looks more charming in this haircut.

Disclaimer:- I don’t own any image in this post and I only shared these images for entertaining purposes. If you want me to remove any image then please visit our contact page.

Final Words:

So, after reading on different kpop forums I found that fans like momo in this lob haircut as compare to other female idols and that is why I put her #1 in this list. I hope you like the content in this post and lease consider it to share with your kpop friends.

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