Best Way To Use Free Internet On Jazz Without Any Charges

Hello, in this post, I am going to tell you how to use jazz free internet. If you are a Mobilink/Jazz user then you must have known about their internet packages which are enough expensive and provide low data and for this reason, we always to try to find a way or a trick with which we can use free internet on Mobilink without paying anything. well, in this post you will find out a cool trick that will let you use jazz free internet without any charges.

In this post, we will use a free proxy which is given by jazz network so that users can use site for free. so, we will try to bypass this free proxy for using unlimited free internet on jazz. so, guys, you just have to follow the steps as mentioned below.

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How To Use Jazz Free Internet

Step-1  First of all, download and install this Free App.

Step-2  Open the app and select any free server you want.

Step-3  Type in header host bar.

Step-4  Make sure you select Fastest HTTP2 protocol.

Step-5  Set port 80.

Step-6  After doing these settings, click on connect.

After few seconds, you will be connected to free server and then go to any browser and surf anything you want.

Jazz free internet

Jazz free internet

 How To Use Free Facebook On Jazz

So, guys here is another free trick of using free facebook on jazz.

Step-1 First of all download facebook lite from play store.

Step-2 Head to your phone and dial this code *832#

Step-3 Once you dial this code, you will receive a confirmation SMS.

Step-4 And then open facebook lite and enjoy free facebook for the lifetime.

Final Words:

Friends I hope you like this post of jazz free internet and if you liked this post, then please do share with your friends.

If you face any difficulty, let me know in comment box I will help you 🙂

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