Let`s Create The Female Version Of BTS!

Today, we will explore kpop female groups to find the most similar members to bts members. Because today we will make the female version of BTS.

I have selected 7 female members from different kpop girl groups which are quite similar and fit well in each BTS member`s character.0

Female Version Of BTS

So let`s  start from RM

1. RM As Sumi

Here is why:

  • She is fluent in English like RM
  • She is a producer as well as songwriter
  • She is mature and smartest of the group

2. Jin as Jisoo

Here is why:

  • She is also the main visual of her group
  • She is elder member of her group like jin
  • She is funny and mode maker of the group

3. Suga as Jeon So-Yeon

Here is why:-

  • She is a great rapper
  • She has a savage look like Suga
  • And She is small too

4. J-hope as Momo

Here is why:

  • She is a dancing machine like jhope
  • She is mode maker and funny
  • She is all-rounder like she can dance, rap and sing.

Kim Taehyung as Hani

Here is why:

  • She is a great dancer and an amazing visual.
  • She has a great stage presence.
  • Like v, her fancams also has more views.

Jimin as Seulgi

Here is why:

  • She has a perfect and great stage presence
  • She is cute as well as sexy
  • Her eyes also disappear when she smiles like Jimin
  • She is a sexy dancer

Jeon Jungkook as IU

Here is why:

  • She has great vocal
  • She has a baby face
  • Like jungkook, she is also all-rounder




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