How To Increase Facebook Followers For Free | Easy Way

Hello, today I will tell you how to get followers on facebook for free. If you want to increase followers on facebook but you have no idea how to get followers on facebook because there is no option available on Facebook that will let you increase followers on Facebook. So, if you have no idea about it then first let’s talk about what are facebook followers?

What are Facebook Followers?

Facebook followers are like that when someone sends a friend request you and you don`t accept their friend requests and keep their requests in pending section, then those friend requests will be converted into your Facebook profile followers.

Now, if you don`t receive enough friend requests but still want to increase followers on facebook then read and follow steps mentioned in this post.

How To Get Followers on Facebook

Step-1  First of all, go to this website, now the first thing you need to do on this website is to generate access token of your Facebook profile.

Step-2  To generate access token click on generate button and then you will redirect to a page, where you have to log in your facebook account.

How To get Followers On Facebook

Step-3  Once you logged in, then click on generate access token, and after few seconds a long code will be generated in a box and then you simply have to copy that code.

How To get Followers On Facebook



How To get Followers On Facebook

Step-4  After that, go back and paste the code into the box and click on submit query.

How To get Followers On Facebook

Step-5  Once you click on submit, your Facebook account will be logged in and then it will show you three different options but you just have to click on auto followers and that`s all

How To Get Followers On Facebook

Step-6  Now a process of increasing follower will begin and you have to wait on the website until the process finished.

How To Get Followers On Facebook

Step-7  Once the process complete, your followers will be sent and added to your Facebook account and After that, you can go back to your facebook profile to check your followers.

How To Get Folowers on facebook

Final Words:

So, this was our post in which we learn How to get Followers on Facebook and if you face any difficulty please let me know in the comment box and please don`t forget to share this post with your friends 🙂



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