Astro Visual Ranking Based On Korean Beauty Standards

Astro is a South Korean boy group that was formed by fantigo entertainment. They debuted in 2016 with their first mini-album spring up and with this mini-album they became really popular as a new rookie K-pop group.

This group consists of six members that are Cha Eun Woo, Jin Jin, Rocky, Mj and Moon Bin. Before their debuted, they also acted in a web series called to be continued.

Astro has the best visual members that are fantastically handsome. Some of them are danm popular like chae eunwoo and moonbin. So let’s rank them according to their visuals. But before let me tell you that chae eunwoo is an official visual member of Astro.

Astro Visual Rankings

1. Chae Eunwoo

2. Moonbin

3. Sanha 

4. Rocky

5. MJ

6. JinJin

Final Words:

So, this was all about the visual ranking of Astro members and you know what they all are handsome.  Astro is also called the visual group of kpop and they are really very talented. If you don`t stan them then you should definitely check out their music.

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