6 Tips To Help Your Best Friend Sharpen Her Sense Of Style

Friendship is the name of being together in every situation, and if you feel that your bestie lacks in being stylish and getting off track, you should give her constructive feedback. 

There is a lot more vulnerability at a young age, so a high percentage of getting distracted. She might also overthink and overdo stuff as she will be confused and try too many things.

If you witness your friend in trouble, you must help her figure out the best style that suits her better than ever with the aid of the suggestions given below.


1. Keep Everything Simple

Don’t try to give too much information in the beginning. Also, don’t criticize your mate for what she was doing prior to your suggestions. Instead, talk normally and ensure that she doesn’t get offended by your suggestions. 

There will be many ideas to try, but your emphasis should be on keeping everything simple. As your conversation gets smooth, suggest your buddy keep information about the new trends in the fashion world but not necessarily adopt all of them.

For example, if she is invited to a party, she shouldn’t be doing outrageous things like wearing a funky outfit or doing heavy makeup

As an alternative, ask her to take minor steps until she adopts her own style, which makes her comfortable.  

2. Get Her Something She Will Definitely Love

After passing teenage, a person always tends to explore new things and believe whatever they do is right.

Therefore, convincing any individual is always tricky, regardless of the way you try. It might be due to a stubborn nature, or the other person doesn’t want to listen.

Get her something that she will love with respect to her age, like gifts for women in their 20s, 30s, or 40s, etc., So you always need something extra to prove your argument. 

Moreover, she will utilize such presents, which will prove your fashion ideas right as she could see them in front of her eyes. 

It can make your task easier and save you precious time. 

3. Share The Significance Of Comfort Zone

Always return to the fundamentals when you find it difficult to accept something new. It is the best and simple method to be comfortable with what you have.

As you can see, your best friend finds it difficult to look fashionable. So it would be wise to advise her to stick to what she knows.

It is important to be at ease and look presentable whenever you are supposed to go to a public space. Therefore, being in a comfort zone will boost her confidence when she ought to wear something comfortable 

In the meantime, you can also help your bestie and make her try new things that can expand her comfort zone.

4. Help Your Friend To Get Fitted Outfits

When you wear something that enhances your body posture, it makes you look stylish.

If your companion doesn’t have similar clothes, it is the best time to get some. Moreover, she can wear such clothes on different occasions, like on the eve of Thanksgiving.

She might, for instance, wish to dress in a way that makes her look taller, thinner, and more proportioned overall. You may take her to the market and ask her to try different outfits and see by herself how she looks. Again, accompanying her will make it easy as you can give suggestions on the spot. 

Even if she thinks a certain thing doesn’t suit her, she would see a change while witnessing herself in fitted clothes.

5. Ask Her To Keep Working On A New Sense Of Styling

It is necessary not to get stuck on a particular thing.

Adaptability is essential when trying to figure out wisdom about fashion because it changes from time to time.

Hence, you should be in your friend’s ears and tell her not to do the same things repeatedly. If your buddy likes a particular thing, she should make it a part of her wardrobe. But also tell her to ensure that she does not buy impulse or get similar things. Otherwise, everything will appear monotonous.

6. Recommend To Do Matching Rather Than Contrast

One should choose matching things to avoid inconvenience while completing a stylish look.

Therefore, tell your pal to wear clothes, shoes, and accessories that match in color. As a result, these things complement each other more often.

If she thinks of wearing contrasting colors, there is a high risk as one thing might not look good with another. So, for example, if she decides to wear a black outfit for a get-together and thinks of wearing red heels under that dress, it might not be a good idea. 

Furthermore, you may tell her to conduct some variations in her hairstyle and makeup or wear sunglasses to make herself more attractive. 

The Bottom Line

A true bestie always stood beside their buddy. Thus, when you see your friend having difficulties styling herself, you can come to her aid with these exclusive tips. It will make your bond more potent as she can see you care for her. 

Last Updated on November 9, 2023