16 Photographs Taken A Second Before The Tragedy

Are you feeling bored? if yes then check out these amazing 16 photographs which were taken a second before the tragedy.  These photographs will make you feel pain just by looking at these photos.

1.  Selfie With Duck

2.  Perfect Refreshment

3.  This Is Unfortunate

4.  This Is How I Lost My Glasses

5.  She Couldn’t Save him

6. Why He Looks Super Calm?

7.  This Is Why I Don`t Play Volleyball

8.  Nice Selfie 😂

9. This Is Called “Perfect Timing”

10.  A Group Photo Of My Friends

11.  Getting Kicked In The Face

12.  When You Are So Unlucky

13.  How Did The Cat Get There?

14.  May Be They Know Something We Don`t 🙄

15. She Likes Cake

16.  I Hope She Changes Her Mind

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